Monday, January 25, 2016


What yeast to use?
I've done a lot of research and testing with yeasts. In the medieval times, it was common for the bakery and brewery to be neighbors as they shared the yeast.

I did a blind test. One beer batch that I split across 5 different fermentation vessels. I used a couple of different ale yeast, pilsner yeast, wine yeast and modern baking yeast. After bottling and maturing, I invited a few friends over for a blind tasting session. The focus and judging was primarily on, color, clarity, bubble size, amount of bubbles, head, yeast residue and flavor. The over all winner was baking yeast. In fact, baking yeast won ALL categories!

Guess what I primarily use... Apart from Beer, I now also use baking yeast for cider and mead. mmmmm

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