Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hops, with focus age

This post is a living document. I'm focusing on tracking down as many old hop types as possible with focus on age rather than quality. I'm not sure if I will be able to get DNA for various hops but I will try. The ideal would be to get help to identify exactly what hops they found in the viking excavation in Birka.


Do you have a copy you can share? If you do have any source material about old hops (pre 1800) please contact me and share your sources.

  • Marshall's 1798 review of hop varieties (I don't have a copy but need one...)
  • ???


The list below is listing the year, based on the date it was mentioned in documentation. I.e. it is probably a bit older as it was in use when documented.

Name, Year, Alpha acids, Source

Apple Puddings, unknown, unknown, mentioned by Marshall 1798
Canterbury Golding, 1790?, unknown, Unsure
East Kent Golding, 1700, unsure, unsure
Farnham Whitebine, 1720 ish, unsure, unsure
Flemish Redbine, 17??, unsure, unsure
Fuggle, 18??, unsure, unsure
Golding, 17??, unsure, unsure
Late Ripe Redbine, 17??, unsure, unsure
Ruffler(s), 17??, unsure, unsure

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