Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last batch of Easter

Last Monday, Bernard and I did the last of the main batches for Crown.
(If you have no idea what Crown is or what the SCA is about, have a look at or where I hang out,

This batch was a "standard" Beer.
8.3 Kg pale malt
2.5 Kg Crystal malt
190 g hops (5.6%)

We used the chilly bin to do the mashing, we got about 64 litres of wash.
We did the standard boiling for 40 minutes with 75% of the hops and then added the remaining hops to the boil. After another 5 minutes, we added the Irish moss. 15 minutes later we turned off the power and let the brew rest for 30 minutes to let it settle and sediment (the hops, coagulated proteins and Irish moss sink to the bottom).
We then extracted the brew through the cooling system. And then it was just a matter of adding the ale yeast and clean up.
End result, 57 litres of 1042

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