Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another day in the brewery

Today, Bernard helped me most of the day with the third big batch for May crown. First we did the grinding for the day's brewing and then we did the grinding for tomorrow's brewing (and some for a batch of Barons Bite).
I decided to make today's batch slightly different:
8.5 Kg or pale malt
3 Kg of crystal malt
191 Gr of Hops

We started of the mash with 30 litres of 75 degree Celsius water. After 30 min we stirred the mash to help the husks off the grain. After another hour and a half, we started the extraction. The extraction was much slower than normal. It was actually quite good as that gave us a chance to do proper striking (constantly addinh more 75 degrees hot water and let it slowly sink through the malt). The end result was a stunning 81 litres of 1035. After the wash started to boil, I added about 75% of the hops. After 40 minutes I added the remaining hops. After another 5 minutes I added 4 pinches of Irish moss. 15 minutes after that, I powered off the boiler. 30 minutes later, I started the cooling. I discarded the first litre or two as it contained a lot of hops and Irish moss. When the mash started to run clear, I began collecting into the fermentation bins. I got about 64 liter of clear 1042 brew before it started to get cloudy with hops in the brew.
I'm very pleased with today's brewing.

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