Saturday, January 26, 2008

Beer Nr 5.

Time to reduce the amount of malt and crush it finer. I suspect that I have it a bit too coarse and by crushing it finer, it should produce more sugars.
1.65Kg pale malt
350gr Crystal malt
Grinding level 3.75 (the setting on our huskvarna)
Mashing as per normal at 65 Celcius.
(I think I used 29gr hops, error in my notes. Arg)
Boil for 1 hour.
Added a pinch of Irish moss 15 min before the end of the hour long boil.

As soon as I took it of the stove, the effect of the Irish moss started to show.

After straining, what a colour and clarity!

12 liter, gravity 1040

I put 10% of it in a bottle to use for carbonizing. (I may have used the wrong bottle as the wort went off in the fridge and I had to use sugar to get the beer carbonized. :( )

The end result was fantastic. The most liked beer at the last brewing party.

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