Saturday, January 26, 2008

Beer 6

1.4 Kg pale malt
400 gr crystal malt
Gringing 3.75
25 gr Hops
1 hour boil
A pinch of Irish moss 15 min before the end of the hour.
Quick cool
About 10 Liter of 1040.

Very Nice and “mild” beer.

The beers are now nice to drink. I'm still not getting crystal clear beer. I suspect that I don't get the cool break due to lack of equipment. I'm keen on getting a copper coil and put it in ice water and then run the brew through the coil. This should help getting the cool break.
Right now, I'm sitting and waiting at Sydney airport to fly back to Wellington. A short notice trip and unfortunately, I did not have time to catch up with friends in Sydney.

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