Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More beer making.

Lately, I’ve mostly been playing with the beer brewing.

The first experiment taught me a lot.

Malt selection is very important.

Amount of hops is VERY important.

Water quality is important.

Yeas selection is important.

Actually, everything is important.

The second and third test brews I did was based on the new pale and crystal malt I bought. I had to hunt around for a new supplier as our south island supplier currently doesn’t stock other than pilsner malt. The new supplier is about 3 times as expensive and is driving up the cost of the project a lot. L

Batch 2

I used a mix of 1.3 Kg of pale malt and 200 gr of crystal malt.

I ran it through the new grain mill to the level where it cracked most of the grains, but missed the odd grain.

I mashed at 66 degrees.

I then boiled the wort for one hour.

(I forgot to add Irish moss)

I then cooled the brew and added yeast.

(I forgot to take some away for carbonizing)

The brew produced about 8 litre with a gravity of 1030.

Mental note. Time to make a check list to avoid stupid mistakes.

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