Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I started the second to last item on the agenda for the Bear House before Crown. Distilling. I distilled about 4.7 litres of 90% (yes, a bit low) pure alcohol. But tomorrow I intend to do a second distilling. I checked some of the old alcohol I had and discovered that it was 90% pure as well. I thought it was 40%, ready to be carbon treated. So now I will have about 25 litres of 40% when done, instead of 10. However I will only bring about 10 litres as promised. I don't want to send 100 odd people to the hospital with acute alcohol poisoning... ;)
And yes, there will be a litre of salt licorice snaps, some brandy and a lot of vodka.
Below is a picture of the still doing its job.

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