Sunday, March 30, 2008

Skimming and skimming

Something I have not mentioned before.

Every day while it's fermenting the beer must be skimmed. Unlike a pilsner, ale is top fermented. There is a lot of foam and yeast (both dead and alive) floating on top of the brew. This MUST be removed every day as it can give the beer an unpleasant bytaste.
It can however be collected and reused. I've done that with one batch. Every time you skim the beer you put the scum in a clean jar and add some clean water before shaking it well. (Be mindful of pressure.)

After 24 hours pour out the liquid and you will find the yeast in the bottom. Add more water and shake (once again, be mindful of the pressure). You repeat this for a few days and you will soon have live and fresh yeast at the bottom of the jar. This can then be used for brewing or baking.

Ah yes, the pilsner. I don't really like making it. It is smelly and boring to make. Even though it is bottom fermented, it needs skimming the first few days until you have only small amounts of clean foam on top. Then you can let it be until bottling.

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