Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chocolate malt

chocolate malt
(Not chocolate, but black roasted malt)
I have no idea how it will affect the brew, but small variations between pale and crystal malt does not tend to show that well. Since this is the first time I will use chocolate malt, I will use almost the same amount as the crystal malt, with similar balance between pale and crystal as before.

For this one, I used:
800Gr Pale malt
250Gr Crystal malt
200Gr Chocolate malt <- First time
20Gr Hops <- more hops than before

The mashing produced about 10 liter of liquid holding about 1040 in gravity.

Irish moss was added after 45 minutes of boiling and the wort was left to boil for another 15 minutes.

After I stopped the boiling, I immediately started to cool it as quickly as possible by putting the pot in cold water with the tap on to continuously replace the cooling water.

Bloody h...
I think I should contact NASA. I think I have manufactured a black hole. The wort is so black I can hardly see the bottom of a table spoon....

Ale yeast and 2 weeks of fermentation before bottling.

End result.
Very very heavy and very... not sure how to describe it. I'm sure Maggie will love some of it for the baking.
Over time, it may mature. I think it will need a minimum of 6 months to mature. (if ever).

Lesson learned. Choc/black malt, only use tiny amounts...

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